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I designed our safe, comfortable Deluxe Pleasure sex swing. Our swing attaches at two points for added safety. Our back, seat, head and stirrups are well padded with thick padding so you don’t feel the straps. Comfort and safety first. This is a must. Other swings may look similar but nothing compares to the quality and comfort of the Deluxe Pleasure Sex Swing! - Paul Guille (co-founder and engineer)

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  • I suffer from back pain which makes love making a little difficult but with the sex swing I love the fact that minimal exertion is required - I can concentrate on the sensations during sex rather than on supporting myself and maintaining the position. I can do the work with my arms instead of my back.

  • Thanks For Our Deluxe Pleasure Sex Swings And Thigh Bangers Our Friends Where Overly Eager To Try Theirs As Soon As They Arrived.. They Sure Are Top Quality Designs Unlike The Cheap Ones Out There. When We Told Our Circle Of Friends Now They Want Your Swings And Attachments To. Well Happy Holidays To You And Your Family Andrew Dunn Dallas Texas

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