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What to Look for in a Sex Swing

Collage of our sex swing video. Sex swings, pleasure swings, and restraints.


Our sex swings come with 2 eye bolts, 2 eye screws can also be used for a two-point connection. The competitors sex swings come with one eye screw, for a one point connection.

This is very UNSAFE!  Many people are getting injured, like my wife and TV celebrity Khloe Kardashian.

The Deluxe Pleasure Sex Swings have a patent pending Safety System™. All the load bearing buckles have been reinforced with this system making our sex swings SAFE! ( when properly installed )  Now You Can Make Love With Confidence..

Now you can make love with confidence. NONE of our competitors have this Safety System™ making their swings unsafe.


The second most important thing in a sex swing.  Without sufficient padding sex swings are very uncomfortable. Our Deluxe Pleasure swing seat has 11/2″ of padding, making it very comfortable. The competitor’s seats have 1/4″ of padding, making it very uncomfortable. Our back, head and stirrups have 1″ of padding making them comfy, as well.

The competitor’s back, stirrups and optional head have 1/4″ of padding, That is insufficient for comfort!

Our Sex Swings come with soft padded handles long enough for you and your partner to hold on to. Without These Handles The Straps Would Cut Into Your Hands.


Without these handles, the straps would cut into your hands.

Our UNIQUE OutWard Twist on the seat straps causes the straps to flare open, allowing you to spread your lovers legs easily with unrestricted comfort.

WITHOUT this, the straps will cinch in on your thighs, causing extreme discomfort!



Our swing has ten adjuster buckles one for every component of the swing. This allows you to have “Instant Adjustment” for any position you desire.

Our competitor’s sex swings use four adjuster buckles to attach all their components.

THIS IS UNSAFE!  Plus, there is no instant adjustment. WHAT A TURNOFF!  Spending valuable time adjusting the swing, when you should be making love.


Our spring system consists of six springs, three on each side, this allows you to adjust your bounce. Two springs on each side is good for up to 180 lbs

Three springs on each side is good up to 250 lbs now both partners can enjoy a nice bounce.

The spring system is also great for seniors, handicapped and disabled people, the bounce allows you to relax and let the springs assist you in making love to your partner.

Our competitors spring system consists of one huge spring, that is so heavy duty it takes 200 lbs to budge it. Unless you are 200 lbs or more the spring is useless.

We have a competitor who offers very low prices on sex swings. Ask yourself how they can afford such a discount and the answer would be they take shortcuts and use cheap materials and labour. Do you want to trust your safety and health in order to save a couple bucks?

Always check for testimonials and trust recommendations from friends before making a purchase decision.

This is no joke. We want you to know how to identify a good product like ours. But don’t just take our word for it, look at all the testimonials we get.

We are very proud to have added fun and excitement to our customers love lives.

Most important: ( the reason we got into this business to begin with) is to keep people safe!!


Thank you

Paul and Sandy

Deluxe Pleasure, Inc.


5 responses on “What to Look for in a Sex Swing

  1. Dary Wennter

    Thank you deluxe pleasure.. Our swing is the best we have ever had in 13 years we have been together we cant thank you enough for putting heat in our sheets hoohoo
    i mean wonderful design, thanks
    Palm Springs,

  2. Hans Pagno

    Hey Paul & Sandy
    Thank you!! we compared the screamer crap to your swing and yours is certainly number 1 in sex swings.. we are really enjoying our selves once again with your deluxe pleasure swing and then we put the spring system on and your right its incredible and i dont have to do much to have a great bounce

    1. Paul Guille

      Thank you Laticia, for all your comments.. Our Love Swings are # 1 because they are Hand Crafted With Added Safety Feature ,,so no one else will be injured like my wife from a cheap piece of junk with a huge Eye screw.. Thanks again for stopping in
      Paul and Sandy
      Deluxe Pleasure Inc.

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