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8' Ceilings Wall-to-Wall

8ft Ceilings
-Wall To Wall-

(Max. weight capacity of 300 lbs.)
(Do not exceed 6ft in width for anchors.)
Find location you would like to hang your swing, find studs in walls, measure down 6″ from ceiling drill 1/2″ hole in centre of stud 2 3/8″ deep; screw 3″ bolt into anchor, and drive anchor in all the way, unscrew 3″ bolt, then screw in eyebolt all the way.
Repeat same procedure on other anchor and you are finished.
Attach your swing and your swinging.
Eyebolts can be removed if desired, 1/2″ plugs can be used to plug the holes, or screw in a bolt and hang a picture or whatever suits your taste.
(Spring attachments can be used if desired.)


Manufacturer is not responsible for injuries or damage incurred during the use of the product or injury due to improper installation of the unit.

This item is sold as a novelty only. Any unsafe actions you engage in with the DELUXE PLEASURE PRODUCTS are entirely at your own risk.

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