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“I suffer from back pain which makes love making a little difficult but with the sex swing I love the fact that minimal exertion is required – I can concentrate on the sensations during sex rather than on supporting myself and maintaining the position. I can do the work with my arms instead of my back.”
Sean K Salt lake city


“The thigh banger attachment and the wrist restraints for the sex swing are a must. Seeing my wife all spread open, vulnerable and excited really turns me on, and when she restrains me and teases me and sucks me – Oh Fuck! It's the best toy I've ever bought! ” *Don C. Portland


“I tried sex swing out today god i knew about these swings but untill i tried it i really didnt know wow this is fantastic penetration is so deep its crazy and best of all most positions take all the strain off of you once you trust the fact that you are not going to fall out or get flung across the room and you feel comfy the sex is the best ive had in my 41 years of life im kinda mad i never trie one before everyones gotta try it”


“Wow! The sex swing is so much fun. I can achieve incredible penetration and it makes difficult positions easy! My girlfriend and I love it! We've done it 3 times a day since we've had it!” Bill S. Kamloops.


” I love the sex swing! It makes me feel so sexy. I bought it for my husband's birthday. It puts the excitement and that naughty feeling back into sex! It has revitalized our love life. I find myself thinking about what positions we might try all day!”
Suzanne G. Edmonton

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My wife sneakily went behind my back and bought this sex swing Рand that wasn't the first surprise. It's the most unique sex swing out there! Taking only a few minutes to set up, adjust, and swing! It's really enhanced our sex life extremely. Watching her spread out all naked really got me going! I was so excited, I felt like I was loosing my virginity again!!
-Craig N. Alaska

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