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About our Sex-swings

Passion. Sensuality.. Ecstasy. Pleasure.

Welcome to The Deluxe Pleasure Swing, the next step in the evolution of erotic delight.

The premiere revolutionary design from deluxe pleasure is the ultimate erotic accessory. With it’s superior comfort, safety and multiple features, it is the definitive erogenous love swing. The swing hangs from 2 separate ceiling mounts as opposed to 1, allowing you to customize to any width in order to accommodate any body type. This makes the swing fully open and unrestricted, with no spreader bar to get in the way. The swing distributes and supports your weight evenly, providing maximum safety.

The Deluxe Pleasure Swing safely and comfortably cradles your neck, back and seat with three fully adjustable and cushioned strap supports, and a quick flip of the cushions flares the outer straps open, allowing you to spread your legs as wide as you like.

It is quick and easy to get into, with no confusing or distracting elements to interrupt the flow of passion. The foot stirrups slip on with ease and elegance and the grip handles are also softly padded and long enough to accommodate the hands of both partners.

The quick adjuster buckles allow you to shift to any position instantly for desired positioning. Desired Pleasure! The swing always supports the seat, back and head, regardless of what position suits your tastes.

Every component of the swing is accessible without trouble, including the optional wrist restraints, also padded for comfort.

The deluxe swing also has the optional thigh banger attachment.

Simply remove the seat cushion and attach the thigh bangers to fully expose your erogenous zone. The Deluxe Pleasure Swing is designed to have no restrictions, allowing you to explore erotic fantacy’s as far as your imagination will take you. There are no limits.

The wall banger is another exciting product from Deluxe Pleasure. Designed to hang from any wall or ceiling, it is fitted with a fully padded seat and foot stirrups. The back pillow is fully adjustable to your body in order to cushion and protect your lover. You can also attach the Thigh Bangers, adding another stimulating element to the Wall Banger experience.

Both products are available in a variety of colors and patterns including. Leopard. Zebra. Tiger. and Cheetah. And don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about. Leather!!

If role playing is your fancy, then we have a wide variety of crops flogs to choose from. So you can dominate to your hearts desire.

And the Fun doesn’t end there. Deluxe Pleasure also has a line of bed restraints. The below bed tie down set is adjustable to fit any size bed. Secured between the box spring and mattress, they comfortably restrain your lover to the bed. It also comes with a felt lined, leather blindfold, so you can have total control over your mate.

The Above Bed Restraints easily mounts to the wall or ceiling allowing the suspension and spreading of your lover’s legs. The wrist restraints are also fully adjustable, allowing for multiple hand and arm positions.

We also offer an exercise bar which attaches to the ceiling mounts and offers a discreet reason for the mounts. TheDeluxe Pleasure Swing also attaches to the exercise bar if wanted.

Our Top Adjustment Strap will accommodate 8 foot and 10 foot ceilings. The quick release design allows you to swiftly set up and taken down the swing in mere seconds.

There’s also a machine washable, removable seat pad to keepthings fresh and clean.

Luxurious. Comfortable . and Safe. The Deluxe Pleasure Swing. Engineered for your passion.

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