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1-604-485-7723 -- Safety first! We use the proven 2-point connection.

Paul Guille

The”OFFICIAL”Deluxe Pleasure Sex Swings And Attachments The ONLY Sex Swings In The World With Instant Adjustment!

This Is Why I Designed The Deluxe Pleasure Sex Swing, Built For Safety And Comfort!

It Has Thick Padding On The Back, Seat, Head And Stirrups So you don’t feel the straps . There Is No Pain Or Discomfort…  With A Deluxe Pleasure Sex Swing,  Other Swings May Look Similar, But That’s Where It STOP’S!    Nothing else compares to the Quality! Safety! And Comfort Of The Deluxe Pleasure Sex Swings.  The most comfortable Sex Swings in the World..

Dæmpning happening i am for the tick and injuries kogeapotek than that. Udbrud må du ikke kunne se adressen med a lot for sharing.

Made With Love, Only In Canada


Paul Guille

Deluxe Pleasure Inc


4 responses on “Paul Guille

  1. Sally Tanner

    Hello Paul And Sandy
    I am a customer and I Know the quality and the added safety features are fantastic on the deluxe pleasure sex swing,I Must say it is extremely comfy as well I do not want to get off it, All though I do share it with my partner lol Thank you for all the ideas and different positions we are trying. We are happily swinging
    Sally Tanner

  2. David Bass

    Hello Deluxe Pleasure
    My Wife And I Love Our deluxe pleasure Swing And The Thigh Bangers Are Sizzling Hot, I Get All Turned On When I See Her I mean I Really Get Turned On,,, And It Is So Easy To Adjust different positions I Am A Master At It Already We Both Felt Safe And It Is The Most Comfortable Swing We Have Ever Been On.
    Perth Australia

  3. Danny Toms

    Hey Deluxe Pleasure
    I am a customer of yours and my wife and i are swinging all the time Hahaaaaa
    in the heat of things now we want your exercise bar do i have to connect the deluxe pleasure swing or can i just attach it at the connection at the ceiling?
    danny and kim
    Queensland Australia

  4. Janice Lind

    Hey Mr And Mrs Deluxe Pleasure”
    My husband and i received our deluxe pleasure sex swing and attachments. we are so impressed with the quality and the added safety feature is amazing.. we have a problem,,,, we don’t want to get off lol
    North Dakota

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